MINEX Eurasia 2019
8th Forum on Mining & Investment
The UK’s Premier Eurasia-Focused Mining Forum

28 November 2019

London, United Kingdom

Eurasia is often viewed as a challenging place to do business, yet many companies are benefiting from the rich resources and low operating costs that the region has to offer. MINEX Eurasia provides an insight into the  from companies investing and operating in the region.

Established in 2012, the MINEX Eurasia Conference is the UK’s largest event which primary focuses on Mining Trade and Investment opportunities in Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia and targets the UK and International capital markets, financiers and services.  The conference is organised by Advantix Ltd, which has been running mining events under MINEX Forum trademark in Central Asia, Russia, China and Continental Europe since 2005.

This year the conference has brought together major mining and junior exploration companies operating in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kyrgyz Republic.

General Managers, Operational Directors, Finance Directors and Heads of Procurement from gold, coal, copper, other metal and mineral mines, and processing plants took part in MINEX Eurasia. Over 30 one-on-one investor meetings were organised alongside the conference.

Who attends the MINEX Eurasia Conference?

  • Private equity funds focusing on investment in mining and extractive industries
  • Institutional investors
  • Major International mining companies
  • State owned mining companies and JVs
  • Government officials
  • Investment banks
  • Mining analysts
  • Specialist project finance companies
  • Stream finance companies
  • Mining companies carrying out exploration projects in Mongolia, Central Asia, Russia and continental Europe
  • Mining consulting and engineering companies
  • Law, accounting and insurance firms
  • Mining consultants
  • Media and NGOs