Natural Resources Forum

Our mission: To engage the management of quality mid-cap companies in discussion and debate to help improve industry practice, drive growth, answer the questions that matter and help their companies reach their potential.

Industry influencer: Strictly by invitation only, we welcome members who want to collaborate with their peers and drive their sector forward. Our invitation-only events attract high-quality delegates, primarily of professional investors, board-level executives, senior advisors, thought leaders and government. We are passionate about connecting the individuals who buy, build and bankroll successful projects in the mining & metals and oil & gas industries.

The Ellis Martin Report

The Ellis Martin Report is a global radio program showcasing potentially undervalued public companies in the resource sector for consideration by discerning investors. Additionally, analysts and experts in a variety of areas cover offer their opinions on their respective markets. We offer access not only to equities, but to opportunities that may exist by adding precious metals to the portfolios of our global listening audience distributed through Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Yahoo Finance and Dow Jones. We are heard in key terrestrial radio markets in the US and available through podcast visa vi the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

The British-Kazakh Society

The Society was founded in 2002 to promote the best of relations between the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan.

The support indicates the importance that both nations attach to the work of the British-Kazakh Society and its role in developing the bilateral relationship.

As a society with both corporate and individual members we have a full programme of events. We play an important role in highlighting trade and investment opportunities as well as promoting cooperation and understanding between government and industry at all levels. We also place great emphasis on establishing and maintaining cultural and educational exchange between our two countries.